Frequently Asked Questions:

How to open a wholesale account?

Give us a call or send us a contact request

Does PRO GLOBAL TRADING offer original watches?
 Yes, all our watches are brand new, original, and fresh!
How can I be sure that it is an original watch?
Either we buy from a wholesaler or a distributor, we can provide sanitized invoice if needed.
Is PRO GLOBAL TRADING an authorized dealer or distributor?
No, we don't. By choosing not to be an authorized dealer, we have no restriction from giving you the best discount available.
Why can PRO GLOBAL TRADING offer the watches at a prices that sound "too good to be true"?
We look for the best deals we can find from the top suppliers. Either we buy from a closeouts stock, a authorized dealers, or a suppliers, we only buy the best offer, so we can offer our customer the very best offer.